a fraction of the last words I (Karla) was able to convey to our dearest Elaine

Dear all,

I have no words to express how dearly and deeply I share this immense loss with you. The following is a fraction of the last words I was able to convey to our dearest Elaine before her departure, they were so preciously delivered through the voice of her beloved life companion John –but for them to be true and complete I must now return them to you, to us, as that is the place where I found them, the place they belong... that place in our hearts where our beautiful Elaine will always live with the different shades and colours of our personal connection with her that made it so unique and special...


Dear Elaine,

Thanks for your infinite love, for your passion to help others and for your humble and  generous leadership. Not only you shared yourself with people but gave us all who you were. You have an exceptional young spirited, kind and brave heart -always fun to be with, welcoming of everyone and willing to fight for what you believed fair; uncountable were the amount of times that without hesitation you put yourself on the line to help others... be strong and go in peace my beautiful friend, as from the fortunate past eleven years I got to know you, I can only say that you have lived your life to the fullest, you showed great love for your family, were a great colleague, a just and brave leader, and an amazing... an amazing loving friend, but above all a beautiful human being with such an unselfish and generous soul. We are all going to miss you, but it is now our time to be unselfish and strong for you and let you go in peace. Please know that you are very much loved, you were a precious gift in our life and we will always be so grateful for that...

Love you always,